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Environment & sustainability

Even before the construction of our first data centre, it was clear that sustainability, energy saving and minimal environmental impact were important cornerstones.

Green energy

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Sustainability and environmental friendliness are immensely important for the world of today and tomorrow. This is also a factor we must not overlook in the realm of digital infrastructure. Data centers utilizing technologies such as climate control, waste heat utilization, cold corridors, smart lighting, and sustainable materials contribute to a sustainable digital transformation.

The sustainability vision of Eurofiber Cloud Infra? Being a significant pillar in the digital society, but in a responsible manner. That's why we are constantly engaged in innovations and minimizing energy consumption in our data centers. We are currently doing this in the following ways:


Cooling offers the greatest potential for energy saving in a datacenter. When constructing our very first datacenter, we opted for an energy-efficient cooling system. This works on the basis of Dynamic Free Cooling (DFC), ensuring that no compression operation of the cooling system is needed for 80% of the year. This system was further optimised in 2013. A water spraying system has been installed near to the dry chillers of the cooling system on the roof of Eurofiber Cloud Infra . The spray produced cools the air that is drawn in by the chillers, extending the length of time that the system can operate on free cooling.

UPS system

In addition to our energy-efficient cooling system, Eurofiber Cloud Infra has a UPS system featuring maximum energy efficiency (96.8% efficient).

Residual heat

Residual heat is recycled and re-used in the datacenter. In this way the office spaces are heated using the residual heat from the data rooms, for example.

Cold corridors

Cold corridors are enclosed warm and cold aisles in the data rooms, leading to significant efficiency improvements in the use of the cooled air. The system uses automatic, self-closing doors and automatic venting systems which also redirect the warm air for re-use.

Climate control

The ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems at our offices are adjusted to save energy.

Smart lighting

The number of lamps and other lighting units in the datacenter has been reduced to minimise electricity consumption. We have also opted to install energy-efficient lamps with a longer service life. The lamps are furthermore connected to movement sensors, thereby eliminating unnecessary lighting in rooms where no one is present.

Sustainable materials

In our daily work we opt, wherever possible, for sustainable materials. An example is our use of FSC certified paper for as many applications as possible.

Waste separation

All paper, cardboard and plastic waste is separated. Battery disposal boxes are also provided for separating small chemical waste. Users of our datacenters are encouraged to use the different boxes for waste separation as much as possible.

Green energy

All the Eurofiber Cloud Infra datacentres run on green energy. 

Social commitment

Finally, we place importance on social commitment. This is reflected in our management's engagement with various business associations and service clubs.

Steve Ramdharie - Eurofiber Cloud Infra

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