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Chatbots, navigation apps, AI and the cloud workplace have become part of our everyday life and are increasingly used to analyze patterns from various types of data. Many companies have included digital transformation in their strategic priorities. Because all programs and data are stored in the cloud, IT administrators can handle management centrally and remotely. This data-driven approach is also increasingly used to change human behavior, leading to an Internet of Behavior (IoB). What aspects should you consider to ensure your digital transformation goes smoothly

The added value of digital transformation for IT & telecom

Do you want to develop new revenue models? Improve the relationship with your customers or optimize processes? Research shows that organizations that go digital quickly can achieve considerable cost savings and significantly improve the operating results of key business units and departments. These are the trends you are likely to face in your sector:

Trend #1: Hyperautomation

It is increasingly becoming possible to use technology to first automate processes (simple actions and workflows) and then integrate them, eventually generating new business models or insights. This in turn results in scaling and diversification, which explains the current wave of mergers and acquisitions in the IT market.

Trend #2: Cost savings accompanying rapid digitalization

Forward-thinking digital strategies enable telecom companies achieve up to 25% additional cost savings in various departments (e.g. including sales, customer management, marketing and product management, and support & overhead). Research has shown that digital leaders in the telecom sector have three things in common. They have streamlined their portfolios, platforms and processes, moved part of their activities to online channels, and are using a range of tools and digital solutions to improve their productivity, problem-solving capabilities and customer focus.

Your challenges, our solutions

Does your workforce include employees who can bridge the gap between technology, your business and customer demand? For our consultants, your IT challenges are standard occurrence. They are happy to help you come up with the perfect solution and roll it out. These are the challenges you are likely to be facing:

Labor market shortages, insufficient knowledge in-house

ICT entrepreneurs consider the scarcity of qualified staff as one of the biggest barriers to growth. And the demand for technology-driven solutions will continue to rise in the foreseeable future. Your ICT company will have to be creative and resourceful in order to attract and retain the right personnel. In this context, we also see more and more collaborations between ICT companies and educational institutions.


The rise of IoT and the growing number of people working from home are driving an increase in internet connections – which also creates more potential targets for cybercriminals. All those connections must be secure. It is not nearly as easy as locking down all the vulnerabilities of a network location.

Your partner in a successful digital transformation

Digital transformation hinges on good preparation. As a telecom company, it makes sense to start by developing a sustainable digital strategy and only then contemplate the technology that can contribute to it. We are the partner who can advise you throughout the entire process. We will help you find the right solutions and guide you through every step of your digital transformation. In this process, you can rely on our years of experience and expertise.

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