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Future-proof cloud infrastructure

How does your organization stay innovative, scalable, agile and flexible? Trends and solutions follow each other in rapid succession. You want your organization to be able to respond quickly and benefit from them. With a hybrid cloud environment, you maintain complete control over the management of your application and data landscape. This will result in gaining innovative capability and boosting your competitive edge – without having to make regular adjustments to your ICT infrastructure or having to purchase expensive hardware. In a hybrid environment, it becomes easier to dynamically manage and move workloads, applications and data between the two environments.

Why so many companies are switching to the cloud

More than half of Dutch businesses are already using the cloud. It is a logical choice, since it brings many benefits. You can focus on your core business again by outsourcing management tasks. Investments in hardware become unnecessary. Clearly, there are lots of reasons to optimize your business processes based on a reliable and scalable digital infrastructure. But how do you ensure a flawless transition?

How to successfully transition to the cloud

The transition to the cloud has a major technical and organizational impact on your organization. Everything starts with a strategy linked to a solid vision. That is why we take the time to get to know your organization better. How does the cloud fit into your business strategy? Which parts of your infrastructure do you move to the cloud and which ones not (or not yet)?Following, a meeting will be set up in which we will draw up an action plan with associated timelines.. By making clearly defined agreements, we clarify expectations on both sides. This will ensure  that the success of your cloud transition can be measured by the results that you achieve. 

The best cloud solution for your organization

What is the best cloud solution for you? In addition to functional requirements other factors may also play a pivotal role. These factors are as follows:cost, speed, flexibility, security, availability and scalability.On top of that the requirements and limitations imposed by laws and regulations are also relevant. The impact of all of these choices on your organization can be extensive. As your partner in ICT infrastructure, we are happy to help you make the best choice.


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