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The creation, collection, distribution and processing of data is increasingly woven into our business models and society due to rapidly evolving technologies. This means that organizations are looking for solutions that are flexible, scalable and always available. Cloud-related earning models and multichannel strategies are becoming the new standard

As Eurofiber Cloud Infra, we see the importance of a reliable and experienced partner. Someone who thinks along with organizations in this process of digital transformation and who is able to offer complete multi-cloud solutions. We are able to do so within our domains of Cloud, Colocation and Connectivity.

Eurofiber Cloud Infra was established as part of the Eurofiber Group to address market needs for integrated IT infrastructure services. It offers a fully owned open cloud and network infrastructure, including its own energy-efficient Tier III datacenters, a VMware verified private cloud, a software defined network between more than 90 datacenters and direct links to Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, among others.   

This cloud infrastructure works seamlessly with own nationwide fiber optic network of Eurofiber the Netherlands, which has been designated as ‘vital infrastructure’ by the Dutch government.  

Because Eurofiber owns and manages the entire infrastructure chain itself, Eurofiber is able to align the various elements. This results in unique (customized) solutions, maximum flexibility and superior IT infrastructure performance for customers. We deliver IT infrastructure solutions to governments, municipalities, healthcare, education, financial institutions, medium and large enterprises and IT-service providers. With our open model, we are able to offer both a direct and indirect model to the market.  

Customers benefit from our expertise in designing, implementing, and managing open hybrid cloud infrastructures. As an Azure Advanced Networking Partner and a Eurofiber Managed Partner of Microsoft, we are part of an exclusive group of partners working closely with Microsoft. Through direct peering (IP) and our recent C3 Partnership with Microsoft, we can connect directly to Microsoft Azure without involving third parties. This collaboration contributes significantly to the ongoing digital transformation of our customers' business operations. 

With Eurofiber Cloud Infra's open model, we are able to provide to the market in both a direct and indirect model.  

Our vision

We are the foundation of the European digital society by offering the most reliable open cloud infrastructure where solutions are offered individually or as a complete solution.

Organizations are free to choose the services they need and adjust their choices in line with the changes that might occur in their business operations. The Eurofiber Group was founded in 2000 to give shape to these principles, and they are still relevant today. This model has proven its worth as a driver of innovations and building long-term relationships.

Flexibility: now and in the future

Eurofiber Cloud Infra is your digital infrastructure partner. We do this for municipalities, care institutions, large enterprises and IT-resellers. Clients need an infrastructure which enables them to implement new developments or business models now and in the future. Our open cloud infrastructure meets this need for flexibility, and goes hand in hand with reliable service that our customers can count on


We can design and offer a total cloud infrastructure that will ensure the business continuity of your organization. Personal contact, expert advice, practical help, whatever expertise is required, we always offer you the support you need. We like to make clear agreements, to  which we stick to. And where things sometimes seem complicated, we like to keep it clear and simple. Keep IT simple.

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