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Companies managing their own IT infrastructure spend valuable time and resources keeping their systems up and running. Hundreds of hours per year are lost maintaining servers, networks, and data storage. Not only is this inefficient, but it also distracts from your core activities.

Eurofiber Cloud Infra's Private Cloud eliminates these bottlenecks. We provide an efficient, secure, and scalable IT infrastructure, allowing your company to focus on its core business. You can be assured that the infrastructure will grow alongside your business.

What is Private Cloud?

With Private Cloud, Eurofiber Cloud Infra offers IT infrastructure as a service through a virtualized environment. As a customer, you have your own portion of that environment. Compute, memory, and storage are not shared with other customers. These resources are always available to your organization, with the performance you expect.

Private Cloud offers the scalability and flexibility of the public cloud while adding extra security and adaptability. This allows you to tailor the infrastructure precisely to your unique needs, making it perfect for organizations managing sensitive data or with special requirements for their IT landscape.

What is Private Cloud used for?

Business-critical applications 

Private Cloud is reliable, has high uptime, and delivers high performance, making it suitable for hosting business-critical applications.

Application development 

Do you regularly develop or test software? With Private Cloud, you can quickly and efficiently set up development and test environments.

Cloud transition 

Planning to move to the public cloud? Private Cloud provides a stable and secure intermediary step toward a hybrid environment.

Business continuity 

Data can be quickly restored from a backup environment in Eurofiber's data centers.


With Private Cloud, all your data remains in the Netherlands, in Eurofiber Cloud Infra's certified Tier 3 data centers.

What are the benefits of Private Cloud? 


The private cloud platform is located in three Tier 3 data centers owned by Eurofiber, offering a minimum uptime of 99.99% per year.


Need more or less compute, memory, and storage? Scaling resources up and down is fast and easy.


We can fully tailor the design of your private cloud environment to your current and future requirements and preferences.


Private Cloud eliminates capital investments and costs for management and maintenance. You only pay for the components and resources you consume.

Complete peace of mind 

Eurofiber Cloud Infra manages, maintains, updates, patches, and secures your IT infrastructure for you.

Why Eurofiber Cloud Infra? 

100% Dutch 

Eurofiber is 100% Dutch. We have our own data centers in the Netherlands and our own fiber-optic network. We are not dependent on foreign network providers.

Low latency 

With our own fiber-optic network, we guarantee fast, reliable, and secure connections to and from the Public Cloud.

High security level 

Our data centers, connections, and processes meet the highest standards and certifications. Our anti-DDoS service protects access to your Private Cloud.


Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we can build any imaginable infrastructure for you. Our solution architect guides you through the transition.

Integration of partner services 

Collaborating with partners is in our DNA, so you can easily connect the services of those partners to your private cloud environment.

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Would you like to know more about our services?

We are glad to be of assistance.