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Self-driving trucks in warehouses, personalized wardrobe recommendations, virtual makeovers to try out a new makeup look, and drones delivering packages. Retail 2.0 is characterized by such trends as augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), omnichannel, self-scanning, and unmanned stores. A blend of digital and traditional will become the store of the future. A fast and reliable ICT infrastructure is a prerequisite for making this possible. Do you already know where you are going to shop for that?

The added value of digital transformation for (r)etail

Change at a breakneck pace and cutthroat competition for customer attention: the retail sector is anything but boring. Traditional stores are launching a web shop with a distribution center, while internet retailers are opening brick-and-mortar branch locations. Other trends that are happening in your sector:

Trend #1: Autonomous delivery

Autonomous technology is opening new doors for autonomous logistics. DHL is running tests with self-driving trucks in warehouses and port facilities. Amazon already has a team working on self-driving vans to deliver packages. Many retailers are following the lead of Amazon, UPS, Uber and Google’s Wing and investing in package delivery via drones. These solutions have the advantage of eliminating your dependence on office hours and resolving the shortage of skilled drivers.

Trend #2: Artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots

Most AI and machine learning solutions in retail revolve around customer experience. Notable examples include personalized wardrobe recommendations, expert assistance and help in finding finding the right clothing size. But AI has much more in store for retail: smart chatbots and robots are replacing cashiers, improving logistics & inventory management, streamlining production processes and analyzing marketing data. This is only the beginning.

Trend #3: AR & VR

What would your online purchase look and feel like in real life? The use of AR & VR in retail meets the needs of online shoppers. Virtual tryouts and complete virtual showrooms are gaining popularity, with 3D images providing an immersive digital customer experience. Technology is enhancing engagement between your customer and you.  

Your challenges, our solutions

The customer journey and customer perceptions are becoming increasingly important – just like outperforming your competitors. It is almost impossible to avoid embarking on your digital transformation. We are happy to help you resolve any challenges you encounter, such as the complexity of your implementation. This includes availability of talented personnel, start-up costs, the time it takes to achieve benefits, and your security and privacy concerns.

Your partner in a successful digital transformation

Digital transformation hinges on good preparation. As a retailer, it makes sense to start by developing a sustainable digital strategy and only then contemplate the technology that can contribute to it. We are the partner who can advise you throughout the entire process. We will help you find the right solutions and guide you through every step of your digital transformation. In this process, you can rely on our years of experience and expertise.

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