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Our refrigerator, thermostat and car. What is not connected to the internet nowadays? Metropolitan regions are gradually transforming into smart cities. The security of our ‘connected’ lives therefore deserves the highest priority. Colocation (housing) and connectivity are also essential for the continuity of your business operations. A business internet connection gives you many options, even if your organization has ambitions to grow. We are happy to help you make a safe transition to an ICT infrastructure that is available 24/7 at any location, work or home.

Why is connectivity so important?

The Netherlands is undergoing a digital transformation. Connectivity is the link between your ICT services, which have to be available quickly and at all times. The unexpected failure of a network connection can have far-reaching consequences for your organization. besides, what if your applications or corporate data are temporarily unavailable?

How do we set up your connectivity?

What should you pay attention to in your search for high quality and the connectivity you need? First, our specialist will look at which connections will be needed, which locations need to have access, what requirements and conditions you have for availability and data transfer delays (latency), and what data streams are being transferred. Based on that, we will create a connectivity plan that meets your needs, with a carrier of your choice.

What should you pay attention to?

Not only will we consult with you about how much bandwidth you need, but also about your speed requirements (is it important for you to access and/or send data very quickly?). Further, are you handling data streams that cannot be routed through the public internet because they contain privacy-sensitive information? If unexpected connection failure is a huge risk to your operations, then you may want to consider having two geographically separate connections (redundancy). Discuss your questions, preferences and requirements with our experts for a proposal tailored to your needs.

Eurofiber Cloud Infra conducts a carrier-neutral policy. This gives you significant freedom of choice when deciding which of the multiple carriers who provide their services through Eurofiber Cloud Infra you should purchase network and connectivity services from. As a result, you enjoy a wide range of connectivity-related services.If you would like to find out which carriers use Eurofiber Cloud Infra to provide their services, check the carrier list for a full listing of all the carriers whose services you can purchase. If your preferred carrier is not amongst them, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our connectivity services

We offer various connectivity services that are summarized below. Of course, we are happy to take the time to explain the pros and cons in person.


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