Wigo4it: Continuous monitoring is so intensive and energy-sapping, I now enjoy far greater peace of mind.

Wigo4it designs, develops and maintains applications for the social services of the four major cities: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht.


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After 6 years, it was time for Wigo4it to opt for professionalisation. As a cooperative run by and for public authorities, Wigo4it housed its IT infrastructure, from its establishment in 2007, in the datacenter of the Municipality of Rotterdam for fall-back equipment. In 2014, Wigo4it had outgrown its space, making a move to a professional datacenter both timely and essential.

Wigo4it designs, develops and maintains applications for the social services of the four major cities: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht (the G4). They use the applications among other things for making welfare payments, for reintegration programmes, to support youth care and the supervision of care under the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ) and for debt counselling. As a vulnerable group in our society depends on these payments, it is vitally important that Wigo4it's services and data of the G4 are managed with the greatest care.

Greater room for growth

The rapid growth that Wigo4it experienced in previous years meant that the municipal datacenter was becoming too small. It was time to opt for professionalisation. Says Groenewoud, “That made migration to a professional datacenter imperative.” In 2014, Wigo4it launched an invitation to tender, to which several datacenters responded. Says Groenewoud, "Eurofiber Cloud Infra won the tender on the basis of the quality, depth and range of its services as well as its pricing. In addition, the robust set-up of the datacenter was compelling and we were very impressed by the know-how and commitment of the (previous) owners."

On hand night and day

The migration was quickly arranged, paving the way for Wigo4it's move to Alblasserdam. "Eurofiber Cloud Infra's employees were very helpful during the migration, particularly regarding the technical aspects. They were on hand to assist us night and day, just as they remain so today. With all the services being so well organised, there is little for me to do; that gives me the peace of mind I lacked previously. Continuous monitoring takes a lot of energy. I am pleased to say that is now a thing of the past."

Groenewoud is most complimentary about the control and monitoring aspect of operations: "My experience is that what is agreed is what gets done, that security is tightly organised and that Eurofiber Cloud Infra's people react proactively when something threatens to go wrong. If my people accidentally make a blunder, I get a phone call straight away. Nothing is left to chance."

"We made provision for the potential for growth from the start, and as things stand it looks like we will need to rely on those provisions very shortly."

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Steve Ramdharie - Eurofiber Cloud Infra

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