IaaS lancering
26 Oct 2022

Launch of Dutch IaaS platform!

We are proud to announce that our Dutch IaaS platform has been realized! 



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We are proud to announce that our Dutch IaaS platform has been realized! On October 26 we launched the platform and it is ready for sales.


From now on, customers can land their organization's IT-infrastructure on our IaaS platform.

A platform that matches market demand and can be a solution to various challenges many organizations face such as reducing operational costs, easily scaling up and down resources, ensuring business continuity and security.

Our IaaS platform gives the flexibility to set up IT-resources as desired and is suitable for organizations that are opting for a hybrid cloud strategy. In the coming months, we will be working hard to add more features to this platform.

The pipeline for our IaaS platform is growing and we have already welcomed the first clients.

From Eurofiber Cloud Infra we would like to thank all our colleagues who have worked very hard to realize this platform.

Maurits van der Zouw Sr. Commercial Product Developer states ''Together with our partners Dell Technologie Services, VMware and ITQ we were able to design and build a reliable, secure, scalable, and future proof cloud platform using the VMware Cloud Foundation reference architecture building upon the latest technologies.’’

’This project started years ago within both Dataplace and the Cloudify project of our Technology team. It was built on the experience of our UNET colleagues, French colleagues at ATE but also Fullsave and Netiwan as well as the experience from Matrixmind. A common project for so many across the Eurofiber family.'' Says Daniel Danon Managing Director Eurofiber Cloud Infra.