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Failover and redundancy

Maximum security and continuity to cover failure of a switch or the entire network

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Access a reliable and redundant network between data centers and to the cloud

The platform that makes connectivity between data centers as easy as it is within a single data center.

What if a switch fails in your company? Or even worse, the entire network goes down? Safeguard your company’s security and continuity by protecting yourself against network failures with our failover solutions or redundant connections.

Redundant servers offer security

Services are increasingly managed from datacenters. That is why it is essential to have access to a reliable network – a network that is secure, ensuring continuity of your processes, even in the event of failures. Provide protection against the failure of a switch and/or your entire network by automatically switching to a different route or server (redundancy). Redundancy ensures that you will always be well prepared.

Scale up connectivity to prevent failures

Our scalable, on-demand business model lends itself well to creating failover solutions or redundant connections alongside a primary DCspine connection, Dark Fiber, WDM or Ethernet network. By connecting DCspine ports at datacenter locations, connectivity can be scaled up to prevent outages in emergency situations.

  • Scalable connections available at any time, even in urgent situations;
  • Favorably priced failover and redundancy solutions;
  • Minimum contract duration of 1 day (no long-term commitment).

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