Koninklijke kentalis

Koninklijke Kentalis: "The importance of a stable infrastructure for the clients of Koninklijke Kentalis cannot be understated."

The organisation, whose core task is to facilitate communication, has roughly thirty schools providing special-needs education across the country. It additionally runs several care centres providing treatment to children before and after school and a large number of audiological centres for diagnosing persons with hearing disabilities and speech/language difficulties.



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Nord van den Aakster, Senior Network Administrator at Koninklijke Kentalis, explains that ICT in its entirety is administered centrally in the organisation: "Data storage and internet connections are all centrally administered, in the datacenter. We use various applications at Kentalis. All our clients' and users' data are stored in a private cloud environment, which also doubles up as the platform on which our financial system runs. So a secure and stable system is essential for our day-to-work and, just as importantly, the privacy of everyone receiving care or education from Kentalis.”

Substantial sums are invested in equipping the data room; power and cooling are guaranteed 24/7.

Van Aakster is delighted with the conditions at the data room: "Substantial sums are evidently invested to ensure the data room is equipped to the highest standard. Power and cooling, which really are the two critical factors, are guaranteed 24/7, and the internet connections are stable. We use two different providers, in the interest of redundancy.Eurofiber Cloud Infra has a carrier-neutral policy and it is reassuring to know that you can switch at any time should you experience problems with your provider. Not that we feel the need at the moment - we are delighted with things just as they are."

Nothing but positive experiences.

Van Aakster is complimentary about the contact with Eurofiber Cloud Infra. "Right from the start, our experiences have been nothing but positive. As we know each other well, just a few words are often enough between us. A visit to the datacenter, for example, is simply and easily arranged. And if you need practical assistance, if you can't make it to the datacenter yourself, you can always get an employee to test or replace something for you. They always carry out your instructions to the letter and with minimal delay. So all in all, a very positive experience."

Steve Ramdharie - Eurofiber Cloud Infra

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