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Datacenter backbone
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Access a reliable and redundant network between data centers and to the cloud

The platform that makes connectivity between data centers as easy as it is within a single data center.

A backbone connects local area networks (LAN) to wide area networks (WAN). This makes the capacity of the backbone larger than the networks connected to it. Local networks can establish long-distance connections via the backbone. DCspine’s redundant, high-capacity network serves as a backbone for connecting datacenter locations. And that results in optimal data communication for you.

Functionalities tailored to your needs

We determine our added value depending on your specific circumstances and needs: as a primary service provider in connecting all of a provider’s backbone locations, or as a flexible and cost-effective solution for adding new locations to an existing Dark Fiber or WDM network. Through the online portal, you can set up one or more virtual local area networks (VLANs). Managing VLANs between different datacenter locations is so easy that you can implement changes yourself, such as scaling your bandwidth up or down.

A resilient and future-proof network

Our platform is your platform. And that means you can utilize 75+ datacenters in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, all offering the same connectivity services and speeds ranging from 100 Mb/s up to 40 Gb/s. You also have direct access to cloud services on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services and the partner services offered by e.g. AMS-IX and NaWas (the National Scrubbing Center against DDoS attacks).


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